The Unquiet Earth

Getting to Sagespire

Delan, Jerrik, Allomir, and Allomir’s men travel safely from the Sharktooth Village back to Breachbrook and attend a feast there in their honor. Delan decides to ride south with Allomir to Blue Water so they can catch a ship to Sagespire, while Jerrik and Allomir’s men go southeast to fetch Jerrik’s sisters from the forgotten mansion.
On the way south, Delan does his best to earn Allomir’s trust and gain insight into Allomir’s character. When they arrive in Blue Water, Allomir lets them into the Blue Hand Inn using a hidden key, and they are made to wait a week until a suitable ship comes available. A day before Delan and Allomir are to leave for Sagespire, Jerrik returns with his sisters and Allomir’s men. Delan learns that Fira has decided to go to Sagespire to begin paladin training (and that Jerrik dislikes the idea), and Delan invites Jerra to accompany her siblings and him to Sagespire.
The Summerblades and Jerrik spend a quiet evening together in the inn before they, Allomir, and his men leave on the merchent ship, the Wide Wench, for their month-long voyage to Sagespire. the voyage is uneventful, and the party arrives safely at the capital city. They are escorted to the palace where Allomir, the Summerblades, and Delan are each presented to the king. King Dallibren declares Delan a hero, and he is invited to the celebration that night for the return of Allomir to Sagespire.
Delan goes into town to acquire a new coat to wear to the ball and pick up any local rumors that might be useful at court. He meets a bard named Tallulah, who tells him about the latest goings-on in town. He teaches her a new song.
Later, in the castle, Delan speaks with Princess Ivory‘s handmaiden, Leta, who gives him some more information. He then invites Jerra to be his date to the ball (at the request of her older sister, Fira), before visiting Allomir and Erival with Jerrik. Erival and Allomir give Delan an array of rewards for rescuing the prince from his orcish captors.
At dinner, Delan successfully completes a skill challenge to diplomatically make it through the meal in the face of several obstacles. At the ball, he spends time improving the reputation of the Summerblades and meets his brother’s fiance.



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