The Unquiet Earth

Meanwhile, in Sagespire 1

Meanwhile, in Sagespire…

Pusher – A scrawny kid with some weird magical abilities.
Theren seems to like this one the best—but why?
Lofren – A Dwarven strong-arm.
Even Lofren isn’t sure how he caught Theren’s eye.
Merk – An eladrin assassin.
But everyone knows Theren doesn’t deal in wetworks…
Fatima – an exceptionally beautiful and exotic singer.
Her powers of seduction are well-known.

Pusher, Lofren, Merk, and Fatima spent an evening guarding Exotics, the import store located on the border between the wave-break and the middles. Lofren and Fatima noticed a youth apparently casing the joint, and Lofren went outside to scare him off.
Later, the party met with Theren in his apartment and received their next mission: Kidnap Tallulah Benson. The party set about finding out more about the girl, learning that she was a young bard who made the rounds at various taverns and inns around Sagespire. They found out where she would be playing during the week and followed her to one of her gigs. Fatimah acquired some vials of an illicit drug that could knock the unsuspecting bard out for a few hours and tried the concoction on Pusher to test its effectiveness. Pusher promised retribution. With a drugged wine bottle, the party made various plans on how to acquire the young bard.
Merk suggested a staged kidnapping where the rest of the party could “save” Tallulah from him. Lofren suggested hitting her in the back of the head and dragging her off. Pusher and Fatimah decided to try to appeal to her vanity and talents. Fatimah arranged a meeting with Tallulah to exchange songs and talk shop. The two bards hit it off, and Pusher sent word to Theren to meet the bards at the Gilded Stair for an “audition.” Fatimah could tell that Tallulah was nervous about the meeting being a ruse, so she suggested they each bring a bodyguard. Tallulah agreed and convinced Zephyr to accompany her to the Gilded Stair.
Pusher, Lofren, and Fatimah spent some money to acquire the correct clothing for the meeting, and the party hired a carriage. They arrived at the Gilded Stair in style, and were relieved to find that Theren had gotten their message and was playing along. The party was escorted up to the room occupied by the “Marquis de Renquart,” where the two bards performed a lovely duet. The Marquis then requested individual performances, asking Fatimah to go first. Tallulah stepped outside as Fatimah very reluctantly sang for her employer. The bards switched places, and the party waited outside for twenty minutes before Tallulah returned, flustered and excited.
It seems the whole purpose of the mission was to assess the young bard’s potential and recruit her into Theren’s barony.
The party spent the rest of the evening enjoying the benefits of a room at the Gilded Stair.



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