The Unquiet Earth

Rescuing White, Part 3

On the orcish side of the mountains, Delan and Jerrik wander north along a deer track, finding a few groups of orcish scouts and a cave on krenshar. While resting in the cave, Delan and Jerrik hear a comotion outside and find an orcish protection totem decorated with the sharktooth necklaces that their warriors wear. The heroes also fight another surge of tunnelling worms, like those that they found outside Blue Water, months before.
After several more run-ins with small orcish groups, Delan and Jerrik take some orcs hostage, with mixed results. They eventually learn that they have become the boogeymen of the woods. The orcs saturate the woods with scouts until they finally catch the adventurers while they are resting and beat them unconscious.
Delan wakes when he is dragged into the Sharktooth Tribe’s village and presented to its chief, Saurfang, his advisor, the shamanistic female, Yipyip, and their guest/hostage, Allomir White.



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