The Unquiet Earth

Rescuing White, Part 4

As Delan regains consciousness at the feet of Chieftan Saurfang, Allomir White declares that Delan and Jerrik are generals of his large and magnificent army just beyond the mountain pass. Delan successfully bluffs the chieftan into believing Allomir, though the orcish wise woman, Yipyip, screeches that Delan is a liar and that Saurfang should simply kill him.
Delan convinces Saurfang that returning the prince to his army will earn their trust and that they will return with siege weapons with amazing amunitions that Saurfang can use to crush his enemies. Delan demonstrates the power of human weapons but tossing a flask of alchemist fire into a large grouping of straw training dummies.
Saurfang is impressed, but not want to release all of his hostages, because he is not a fool. Delan uses every ounch of his wit (in a tense skill challenge) to create intricate lies and diplomatic reasons for the release of each of Allomir’s men, himself, and Jerrik, prompting Saurfang to relustantly free all of them on their solemn promise that they will be back within the month to provide him with weapons and the aid of a human army.
The humans make their empty promise to the orcish leader and escape his camp, leaving on the orcish road with the blessing of the chieftan.



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