The Unquiet Earth

The Unfortunate Sullivan Tully

The next evening, Delan arrives at the Dappled Dog to meet Tallulah for their date. Tallulah has new plans, though, and convinces Delan and Zephyr to investigate a situation with her. One of Delan’s second cousins, Lord Sullivan Tully, has been arrested for assaulting a maid at the ball two nights before. Tallulah claims that the action is out of character and that something must be wrong.
The party goes immediately to the city jail, located inside the guard complex. They find Sullivan Tully rumpled and unhappy. He maintains that he did not attend the ball and was home asleep during the event. He says that he had dinner at the Flagon with a strange woman before going home and immediately to bed.
The party decides to split up. Zephyr and Tallulah go to the Flagon to investigate there, while Delan goes to the palace.
At the palace, Delan seeks out Leta, Princess Ivory’s young maid, but Leta is busy. Delan spends time with the Summerblade twins in Jerrik’s room, playing cards and letting them know about the strange situation. After an hour, Leta arrives. Delan excuses himself and takes Leta into the hallway. There he learns that it was Leta herself that was accosted at the ball. She says that the man who accosted her had been trying to find out where Delan was staying in Sagespire. Leta, assuming he was a friend, had told him that Delan was staying in the palace. In response, the man had grabbed Leta and shaken her, demanding to know exactly where Delan’s room was.
Leta twisted out of his grasp and ran to a guard. When she turned around, the man was gone.



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