Delan Jhoras


Delan Jhoras is a tall human with a lean, athletic build. His medium-length hair is blond, and he remains clean-shaven. He gets his deep blue eyes from his mother. He moves gracefully, and smiles often.

Delan – Character Summary


Delan Jhoras was born during an eclipse of the moon, as the constellation Ethanir the Dragon rose into the heavens. He was clearly marked by the gods to accomplish great things. At least, that’s what Delan’s mother keeps telling him. The priest Wastur read the signs of his birth to Delan’s mother, who reminds Delan frequently of his great destiny. Delan, however, doesn’t believe any of it. The younger son of a minor noble, Delan is unlikely to inherit anything but his name. According to him, his mother is trying to make him feel better about his otherwise dubious future prospects.

Growing up in the house of Lord Jhoras was always something of a dismal affair. Delan’s elder brother, Ambrose, spent much time studying books and the ways of politics, as he would succeed their father. Lord Jhoras was away much of the time on some form of business or other. Their mother was always fairly quiet, since Delan’s sister, Sallese, died at a young age. Delan spent as much time studying as was required to prevent punishment, and spent the rest of his time with his best friend, Hadan Kolstad, and his sister, Innis. They were the children of a local merchant, and were cheerful and fun-loving, a welcome contrast to his own dour home.

Later in life, Delan evaluated his prospects. He was too spontaneous to ever survive joining the military, he stood to inherit nothing from his father, had no affinity for books or learning. So, Delan joined the proud traditions of the younger sons of nobles – fighting, cards and drink. Delan and Hadan became well-acquainted with many of the taverns and gambling halls in town, meeting a fascinating assortment of new people, and squandering away what little money they had. After a few months, as their outings became more and more frequent, Innis went them to keep them out of trouble as best she could. Delan grew increasingly close to the siblings until one evening as they stumbled home from an evening of carousing at the Pennywhistle Tavern. Turning down the wrong alley, the drunk youths literally stumbled into a group of thieves, who took the opportunity to rob them. One of the thieves took an unfortunate liking to Innis, and things got violent. Delan lunged to pull Innis back from the thieves. There was a struggle, and in the confusion, Innis was stabbed by one of the thieves, who then ran into the night with the friends’ belongings. Delan and Hadan tried to get Innis to a healer, but it was too late for her.

Hadan blamed Delan for Innis’ death. If Delan had not pulled Hadan into his life of frivolity, Innis might still live. Delan blamed himself. If he hadn’t been so drunk, maybe he could have protected her. He spent a lot of time during those months with the priest Wastur, discussing life and death and fate. Delan cut down on his drunkenness and tried to patch things up with Hadan, but it didn’t work out. They haven’t seen much of each other in some time.

Without the drink and cards filling so much of his time, Delan dedicated himself to his fencing, to keep from failing those under his protection. He found himself wandering many of the same places he visited in his freer days. Lately, though, he’s done so looking to stand between the thieves and those they prey upon, to protect those in his city from the darkness, to redeem himself for his failings with Innis, and to lend some sort of purpose to his otherwise wasted life.

Delan Jhoras

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