Baron of the Hoary Cross


Theren is a scarred old half-elf who can often be found in his tiny apartment above the storefront for Exotics. Theren is a master forger, and ensures that all of the goods sold in Exotics have the necessary paperwork to prove that they are not stolen property.
When he is not at home, Theren enjoys the refreshment and entertainment at the Dappled Dog, the Trident, or even the Flagon. He always seems to be dressed for his environment, from strolling the quiet streets of the west district to drinking with the dock workers in the wave-break.
Theren seems to have his finger on the pulse of Sagespire. He is a great trader in information, favors, and stolen goods.

Theren is a Baron in the Hoary Cross thieves’ guild. He oversees a team of exceptional individuals that he has “collected” over the years. Theren is very picky about who joins his barony. Individuals must catch his interest in some way before he will approach them about joining his crew. Theren is rather cold in his dealings with others, including his own underlings. He does not give out more information that he feels is necessary, which can be frustrating for his crew.

Theren’s current crew:
Pusher – A scrawny kid with some weird magical abilities.
Theren seems to like this one the best—but why?
Lofren – A Dwarven strong-arm.
Even Lofren isn’t sure how he caught Theren’s eye.
Merk – An eladrin assassin.
But everyone knows Theren doesn’t deal in wetworks…
Fatima – an exceptionally beautiful and exotic singer.
Her powers of seduction are well-known.



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