Val Summerblade

AKA Prince Erival White


Val Summerblade was born Erival White, younger son of King Veridain’s brother, Lansel. At the time of his birth, he was sixth in the line of succession. As lesser royals often do, Erival decided to find his place outside the walls of Sagespire, and formed an adventuring company: The Valiants.
Among The Valiants were Erival himself, an elvish mage named Eliana Summerblade, a dwarfen fighter called Beyard Tinsmith, and a cutpurse-turned-hero called Kurt the Fair.
The Valiants roved the so-called Tamed Lands, slaying beasts and rescuing the innocent for many years. They became local heroes to several small villages and had songs composed about their deeds. They finally retired when Eliana revealed to Val that she was carrying his child, prompting the couple to marry and retire to the quiet village of Blue Water, where the party had previously been pivotal in negotiating a peace between the citizens of Blue Water and they lizardmen beyond the kelp fields on the untamed side of the Verdant Mountains. Val and Eliana bought the town’s inn and ran it until Eliana’s death, several years later when she gave birth to the twins, Jerra and Jerrik.
Now Val runs the inn with his children, though he keeps his armor and sword ready, in case he is needed again.
Val is currently second in the royal line of succession, after his older brother, Allomir. The current king, Allomir and Val’s uncle Dallibren, son of Veridain, has yet to produce an heir.


Val Summerblade

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