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Zephyr – Character Summary


A little more than fifty years ago, an elf child was stolen from his village by members of the Cult of the Blowing Flame posing as traveling tinkers in the great forest. The child, called Zephyr, was added to the caravan and raised by the wandering cultists in the art of stealth, mobility, and death. The cultists ranged all over the Tamed Lands, from the mountains to the coasts, inciting chaos. Eventually, when the elf child was about thirty years old, the murderous, child-stealing cult was disbanded by the Valients. The lost children were distributed to orphanages and churches who tried to find their families. Zephyr was given to a temple in the Dragonspine Mountains dedicated to the Divine Siblings, and he was taken in by monks there dedicated to Kiiza. One wise old monk told Zephyr under his tutelage and beat the Blowing Flame dogma out of him to replace it with a sense of honor and duty instead.
Zephyr tried to be a good monk, but he’d gotten used to travel and adventure. In order to escape the boredom of monastery life, Zephyr volunteered to run mail and deliver messages whenever possible. Life with the monks was often confusing and difficult for Zephyr, but on the open road he found peace. When he was about fifty years old, he left the Kiiza monks behind and took to the open road.
Moving from town to town, driven by wanderlust, Zephyr made money delivery mail through the mountains and forests that were seldom frequented by mounted couriers. Zephyr’s combat and stealth training combine with his unmatched swiftness made him an ideal courier for sensitive deliverers through dangerous terrain. For several years Zephyr was content to explore the world one delivery at a time. With little need for material wealth, Zephyr was fond of donating his now substantial courier fees to orphanages.
Recently, he heard that one of the adventurers who’d rescued him from the cultists, Erival White, had become the crown prince of the Tamed Lands after the disappearance of his older brother. He decided to head to the capital to learn more.


The Unquiet Earth Slade