Blue Water

Blue Water is a small but highly prosperous town at the southwest corner of the Tamed Lands. the primary income for residents of Blue Water is the collection, processing, and export of a rich azure sea plant that is only known to grow in the delta of a stream trailing down from the Verdant Mountains. Men from Blue Water spend half the year cultivating and harvesting the fast-growing bright blue kelp, which is used to make medicines, dyes, and flavorings for all manner of dishes.

There are several people and places of note in Blue Water:

The Blue Hand Inn
The only inn in Blue Water, the Blue Hand is large and does well do to its monopoly. The prices for rooms and food are fair, though the inn is oftens strangely empty during the off season. Each fall, it is filled to capacity during the Harvest Fair, when people from all over the Tamed Lands come to see the fresh crop of kelp.
The Blue Hand Inn is owned by Val Summerblade, a retired adventurer, and is staffed by his children when they are not off on their own adventures.

Silver Drake Tavern
The second best place to get a drink and meal in Blue Water (or the only place, if you’ve angered Val) is the Silver Drake Tavern. It is a popular place for cards, bards, and trouble. The food is more expensive than the Blue Hand, but the drinks are cheaper, since most are made in-house by the Dwarvish owner, Kael Softbrew, formerly of Bloodfist Keep. Softbrew’s specialty is wine, which is why he is far from popular with his Dwarvish brothers, though he makes good beer, too. His harder spirits tend to be strong, but without enjoyable flavor, so he sells them cheaply to the local men in need of quick inebiation. Kael and Val are far from friendly, and though Kael will not do anything to directly anger the retired hero, he takes pleasure in making small jabs at Val whenever he can.

Green Horn General Store
Blue Water is just about two weeks from anywhere, so if you want something other than kelp, you need to see Shara Kine at the Green Horn. Shara is a no-nonsense human spinster who keeps her prices fair, and is willing to try to acquire anything legally acquirable, for a price. All mundane adventuring and general goods can easily be found in her shop, as well as occasional novelty items from far away lands. Most mornings, the shop is run or co-run by Nordin Potter, Shara’s orphaned nefew. Nordin is aprenticed to the local alchemist, and sells his own creations as well as his master’s wares from the far corner of Shara’s counter.

Temple to the Divine Siblings
There is one small church in Blue Water, devoted to the twin gods Sheilir and Kiiza. It is run by old Father Morgen, a human priest of Kiiza, with the help of Brother Julian, an acolyte of Sheilir.

Sawyer Chennick
Sherriff Chennick runs Blue Water. He refuses to be called mayor, though he operates as mayor, sherriff, and captain of the guard. He is a pot-bellied human, middle-aged, and likes to feel important. He tries to know everything going on in his town, and bothers and bosses everyone in town except for Val Summerblade and Twisp Glimmerroll.

Twisp Glimmerroll
At the west edge of town, there is a slender, crooked tower. It rises several stories over any other building in Blue Water, but it is so narrow, that each floor contains only one small room. This is the home of Twisp Glimmerroll, gnomish alchemist. Twisp is a retired adventurer, like Val, though they were not every part of the same party. Twisp is far older than Val, and has been in Blue Water since before it became the prosperous villiage it is today. He is a cranky old man, who keeps himself shut away. Occasionally on a Market Day, he ventures out of his tower with his apprentice and brow-beats the citizens of Blue Water from his little wheeled tent until Sherriff Chennick has to force Nordin to wheel him back home.

Blue Water

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