Sagespire is the capital of the Tamed Lands. It is a large city, the largest in the Tamed Lands, located to the far east, on the coast. The city is built on the ruins of of its previous iterations, as parts of the city sink into the sea, new layers are built above. The royal palace is located in the northwest corner of town—away from the coast.
Sagespire is divided roughly into three districts, the west district, the middles, and the wave-break.

The west district is the richest section of town, boasting the following locations on interest:
The Royal Castle
Currently inhabited by the Whites, including King Dallibren White, and his late brother’s children: Allomir, Ivory, and Pearl, as well as Allomir’s wife and children.

The Gilded Stair
A large, well-appointed and extremely expensive inn that caters to the extremely wealthy and visiting dignitaries. Emenities include a personal butler for each suite, a private bath house on the inn’s property, and individually prepared meals available at any hour. The furnishings in the Gilded Stair are luxurious, down to the name-sake: The banister for the inn’s main staircase is plated in gold.

Temple to the Elemental Four
The largest church dedicated to all four of the elemental gods in the Tamed Lands, maintained by a wide variety of patrons.

The Flagon
While not as fancy as the Gilded Stair, the Flagon tavern is a popular dining location for many minor nobles. The building is clean and well-decorated, the menu is high quality, and they have an impressive selection of wines, beers, and hard liquors. The Flagon is also known for having excellent entertainment from when they open at lunch until they close at midnight.

In the middles, the following interesting locations can be found:
Dappled Dog Inn
The best-reputed inn and tavern in the middles, the Dappled Dog is the quintesential stop for law-abiding and/or good-aligned adventurers. The rooms are clean, the food is filling, and the drinks are reasonably priced.

Temple to the Divine Siblings
The largest church to the Sheilir and Kiiza in the Tamed Lands. The Temple boasts an impressive religious school, turning out clerics, paladins, avengers, and all manner of divine warriors and scholars devoted to the brother-sister gods.

The Guiding Star
The headquarters of the Cartographer’s guild, the Guiding Star is a dusty map and book store run by a older elven woman named Audelia.

Wave-break is the least reputible portion of town, and is the part that is constantly in a state of destruction or repair. The strong tide and seasonal sea storms errode the ground beneath the city away and occasionally slam it with hurricanes and tidal waves.
Donal’s Eye
A seedy inn and brothel near the docks that caters mostly to sailors and dock workers.

A marginally nicer inn than Donal’s Eye. The booze is watered down, the linens are threadbare, the serving girls are ugly, but the rooms are cheap. An old, blind bard named Horrace plays his fiddle and exchanges rumors in the common room.

On the edge of wave-break and the middles, Exotics is a large and strangely stocked store that sells everything from brooms to magic items.
Some people believe that Exotics is somehow tied to the thieves’ guild, the Hoary Cross, but all paperwork at Exotics is in order and official.

The Undercity
A large network of sewer lines, tunnels, and old sunken layers of the city that stretch west from the wave-break. Young people in Sagespire and aspiring adventurers like to go into the Undercity to see what mischief they can find.


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