The Gods

The gods of Lyramet are as follows:

Unaligned. Goddess of Magic and Secrets, patron of the Eladrin and Gnomes. Chrys is the most easily displeased of the pantheon, and has occasionally turned her back on her favorite races. She is always depicted as a beautiful maiden, often surrounded by supplicants vying for her attention and secrets. Her symbol is an open book with a peacock’s feather as a bookmark.

Evil. Lord of Destruction, patron of those who seek power. It is widely believed that Draydor is the weakest of the gods, because his ambitions and the ambitions of his followers are often the largest. Like a petulant child, Draydor seeks to destroy the great works of the other gods, perhaps because he is incapable of creating anything lasting, himself. His symbol is a broken tower.

Lawful Good. Dwarf Lord, God of Justice. Drune created the dwarves and is their protector and patron. He placed the gems and minerals mined by the dwarves into the mountains. He rewards hard work and dedication, and attracts followers who value honor and law. Drune is often depicted as a male dwarf with a hammer, hefting it in such a way that it could be a weapon or a tool. His symbol is a hammer flanked by two sprigs of holly.

Unaligned. God of Retribution. Krek is always invoked during times of war. He is a god of physical prowess and glory, but is fiercely lawful and dedicated to neutrality. His favor is always bestowed upon the losing side of a battle. It is rumored that Krek will never assist in a victory, but will seek to balance the sides so that the battle rages indefinitely. The symbol of Krek is a clenched fist.

Lawful Good. God of Light. Sheilir is the patron of Halflings and humans. Followers praise Sheilir in times of happiness in invoke him to guard against deceit. He is the god of truth and diplomacy. Paladins of Sheilir always use violence as a last resort, but will fight with honor and tenacity. His symbol is an upturned sword in front of a sunburst.

Good. Goddess of Protection. Twin sister of Sheilir, when the light dims, Kiiza stands ready to guard against the darkness. She is the patron of elves and shifters, goddess of the forest. She protects travelers and messengers during their journeys. Her symbol is a right-pointing arrow with a note tied to it.

Chaotic Evil. God of Malice. The trickster god has created no races of his own, but is responsible for many twisted and corrupted versions of those created by other gods. He is the god of petty cheats, bullies, and torturers. His symbol is a leering mask.

The Elemental Four:
Aurrin—Lord of Air.
Unaligned. Aurrin is a truly neutral god, observing and rarely interfering with the world. He is the god of contemplation, erosion, and time. His symbol is a wisp of cloud or smoke. His keyword is “All-encompassing.”

Chana—Mistress of Fire.
Unaligned. Chana is the patron of rebirth and revolution. A chaotic deity, Chana has never made an alliance with a non-elemental god, and has never given her blessing to a race or people for more than a generation. Her symbol is a dancing girl made of flame. Her keyword is “Rebirth.”

Lorath—Earth Lord.
Lawful Good. God of strength and faithfulness. Lorath is the patron of long-lasting dynasties, loyal soldiers, and those who work the soil. His symbol is a majestic mountain. His keyword is “Strength.”

Meiyin—Lord of Water.
Good. God of healing, luck, and fate. Priests of Meiyin preach finding the right path and sticking to it. Meiyin’s symbol is a glistening rain droplet. His keyword is “Fate.”

Dual-elemental Cults:
Air-Fire (All-encompassing Rebirth), the Cult of Blowing Flame.
Motto: “We create change.”
The Cult of the Blowing Flame are anarchists who endlessly seek to disrupt the status quo.

Air-Water (All-encompassing Fate), the Divine Brotherhood of the Gentle, Ever-Falling Rain.
Motto: “All is as it should be. All is as it will be.”
The Brotherhood is a pacifist organization of of fatalists who believe that all the events of the world have already been written and it is futile to try to change the path of any individual.

Earth-Air (All-encompassing Strength), the Order of Truth.
Motto: “We restore order.”
The Order is a zealous group of individuals who seek to build frameworks for society. They often include stone masons, sheriffs, orphan matrons, healers, and those who feel that their job is vital and benefitial to the lives of others.

Earth-Fire (Strong Rebirth), the Renewing Coalition.
Motto: “We destroy our enemy.”
The Coalition is not a unified organization, but rather a collection of small groups of fiercely passionate individuals who fight for various causes. Often, opposing factions of the Coalition battle each other directly.

Earth-Water (Strong Fate), the Heroes.
Motto: “We abolish evil.”
As with the Coalition, there is no society for the Heroes, rather, individuals may feel the call to root out evil and those who revere the Earth-Water cult make offering in their honor.

Fire-Water (Fate Reborn), the Paradoxians.
Motto: “We forge our destiny.”
Paradoxians believe that the fabric of the world has already been woven, but that certains threads of it (usually they believe themselves to be the threads) can be manipulated to change the pattern.

The Gods

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