The Unquiet Earth

At The Jhoras Estate

On the morning after the royal ball, Delan decides to run some errande in town. Meanwhile, Zephyr finds out from Tallulah that Delan Jhoras is the hero who rescued Allomir White. Zephyr decides to seek out Delan, in the hope that Delan can arrange a meeting with Erival for Zephyr. The monk makes his way to Delan’s childhood home.
Delan arrives at the Jhoras Estate first, speaking with the butler, Petre, to learn that his father is still out of town, but his mother and brother are at home. Delan visits with his mother, Analee Jhoras, learning that after Ambrose coerced and threatened Delan into leaving Sagespire, months ago, he told their mother that Delan had run off. Delan appologizes to his mother, explaining that he was on a secret mission for the crown prince. Analee invites Delan to dinner before leaving to meet her sewing circle.
Delan then visits his brother, who reveals that it was insecurity and jealousy that led him to send his younger brother away. Delan offers to support and help his older brother in any way he can. Ambrose’s demeanor suddenly shifts as he analyzes his brother as a tool. The two men are interrupted by the butler, announcing that Delan as a visitor, an elvish courier called Zephyr.
Delan goes downstairs to investigate and meets the elf, who explains that he wants Delan to arrange an audience for him with Erival White.
Ever helpful, Delan takes Zephyr to the castle and gets the two men together. Erival tells Zephyr that he will send a message to his late wife’s brother, asking him to help Zephyr with his geneology, if he’s willing. The prince tells Zephyr that the letter will go to the castle, care of Delan, so he advises both of them to stay near Sagespire.
Delan and Zephyr part ways and Delan goes back to the Jhoras estate for dinner with his family. He discovers that his father had some knowledge regarding his disappearance, but did not apparently know the whole story. He concludes an awkward family dinner and it is made clear to him that his father does not want Delan back in his house. Delan gracefully leaves, heading to the taverns for some mood-lightening.
At the Dappled Dog, he learns that the bard he met before, Tallulah Benson, is playing at the Flagon and makes his way there. Tallulah is delighted to see Delan and insists that the perform together and trade songs. They have a lovely night of frivolity and make plans to have dinner together the following night.



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