The Great Forest

From the mountains in the north and west to the coasts along the east and south, the largest part of the Tamed Lands is the Great Forest. Ranging from light woods to deep jungle, the Great Wood has never been thoroughly mapped, but there are several interesting locations within it:

The Enclave
Site of the worst disaster in known history and the former seat of Elvish power, the Enclave was located in the rough center of the wood, near the White River. The gleaming tower rose above even the tallest trees, and the scholars inside were the most powerful people of Lyramet. In a scheme that took centuries to complete, servents of Draydor infiltrated the highest levels of the Elvish governing councel. They seized the tower and murdered most of the inhabitants before enacting a ritual to poison all of the Tamed Lands. It took the combined efforts of the races and the gods (including the creation of two new races: Dwarves and Halflings) to fight back the miasma that poured forth from the Silver Tower, but eventually, the sickness and foul creatures were forced through the narrow pass between the two mountain ranges.
The ruins of the Enclave’s SIlver Tower are a popular destination from adventurers, but few individuals who have gone to investigate the tower have ever come back.

Whisper Wood School of Wizardry
While Elves resolved to leave government to men, they still wanted to study magic. A smaller school than the Enclave was, the Whisper Wood School of Wizardry is still the most revered institution for learning the arts of magic and artifice. The location is unknown. Even graduates cannot seem to recall where the school was, exactly, beyond being in the Wood. Many believe that the entire campus is enchanted to prevent scrying in addition to muddling memories.

Elvish Outposts
Since the fall of the Enclave, most elves have given up on politics and have gone back to living in small, tree-based villages throughout the Great Wood. These small outposts are to numerous and secretive to list.

Shifter Camps
Similar to elves, shifters roam the Great Wood in packs, setting up small, disposable villages that they live in for a season or a few years before moving on. Their packs fluxuate in numbers constantly, so no one has a solid idea of how many shifters there are in the wood.

The Great Forest

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